“Clear water: No front / No back” by Ada Rave – solo set (DoekRaw 2022)

“BIOLUMINUS” by Bioluminus: Ada Rave/Aaron Lumley/Onno Govaert (Doek Raw 2022)

“Melt” by Hearth (Clean feed 2021)

“Microclimates” by Hupata! (Astral Spirits 2020)

“@ Kaleidophon Festival” live 2019, by Ada Rave Trio (Doek Raw 2020)

“Live At Zaal” live 2017,  by Ada Rave Trio (Doek Raw 2020)

“Out For Starts” by Kaja Draksler Octet (Clean feed 2020)

“Magma” by Ada Rave, Cecilia Quinteros, Paula Shocron (Nendo Dango Records 2019)

“The Sea, The Storm and The Full Moon” by Ada Rave Trio (Clean Feed 2017)

“Gleadalec” by Kaja Draksler Octet (Clean feed 2017)

“Live at Bimhuis” by Blue Lines Sextet (Casco Records 2016)

“The Moonlight Nightcall” by New Rumors and Other Noises (Casco Records 2015)

“a trial, a texture” by Hall/Rave (pyr158 2014)

“Relatos de Terodactilo” by Rave-Espinal-Chientaroli-Vitale (pyr121 2013)

“La Continuidad” by Ada Rave Cuarteto (Pai 2012)

“Los Ritos del Sueño” by Proyecto Organico Rave (2008)