Ada Rave (1974, Comodoro Rivadavia), is an Argentinian saxophonist, improviser and composer. Ada is a researcher of a personal approach to her instrument based in employing a wide variety of techniques that goes beyond the conventional ways and on her personal narrative in real time composition.

She grew up in Patagonia and finished primary school in Buenos Aires where begins her musical development. She was an active musician in the local jazz scene since 1999, and interested also in free improvisation and composition has done her own projects and has collaborated in many other with local musicians. She had performing in several venues and festivals from Argentina and since 2013 in The Netherlands and Europe. She is based in Amsterdam to continue expanding her personal work and passion for the free improvisation. Since 2011 she organize a monthly jam session dedicated to free improvisation, in the latest year is active in Amsterdam: Impro Jam at De Ruimte. Simultaneously she is dedicated to music education since 2000.